Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Important School Items that now lost its trend

School days are the most memorable days of our life.. During our time we used have more influence of these below things rather than computer games.

If a kid has these things, he used to get more importance in the classroom. Let’s see what were those..

Slap Bracelet


It was very trendy to wear slap bracelet in the class… Very much popular but later it was banned after hearing a report of a children cutting his wrist with its metal interior.

Rubberband Weapon – Cannon


It was the best time pass for me when i used to feel bore in the classroom and it worked well to battle between one desk to other.

Cute Tattoos


I think most of you had these tattoos in your hands… we used to get it in free gift with candies. Once I filled my whole hand with it and my mom literally scolded me for hours.

Card Games


Card games were very popular among the children in the classroom. We used to play and sometime fight over trading.

Pencil Caps


Who can forget pencil caps… almost 90 percent of our classmate had some really cool caps.

Sagging Pants


It was the most popular among most of the guys and led to many punishment… It was against school dress code.

Ring Pops


Wooo…. this was the most yukky candy. And kids wanted to lick it.

Stick Hands


I used to had fun while fling them at my classmates.

Cigarette Candy


It was banned as because administrators were concerned that it would promote tobacco use among the children.



We used to get it free with every pack of Potato Chips.. And the main reason for our obesity.

Slam Book


All our friends secrets were stored in it… It was fun keeping one.

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